VirgoX Lists HUSD to Enhance the Positioning of the World Stablecoin Trading Center

3 min readDec 16, 2020

Dear HUSD community, VirgoX, a revolutionary stablecoin-focused digital asset trading platform, listed HUSD, a USD-backed stablecoin issued by Stable Universal. Users are available to buy, sell and trade on VirgoX digital asset trading platform.

Stablecoins market has been witnessed explosive growth in the year 2020, growing from $2.6 Billion in May of 2018 to over $24 Billion in December of 2020, according to Cryptoslate. Besides, The increase in popularity of DeFi has provided stablecoins with a lot more use-cases.

HUSD is a U.S. Dollar-backed stablecoin issued by Stable Universal Limited. Launched in 2019, it quickly became one of the fastest growing stablecoins with its issuance number doubling in a span of 5 months following Bitcoin halving. The growing trend is spurred both by the continued ecosystem expansion and collaboration with popular projects — including platforms like digital asset exchanges, wallets, DeFi protocols, and fiat on-ramps — which made HUSD available to large communities. HUSD has recently surpassed 230 Million in marketcap and 2.75 Billion in cumulative issuance.

Frank Zhang, CEO of Stable Universal, said: “We are excited that VirgoX has chosen to support HUSD on their platform. VirgoX’s vision to build its own stablecoin trading center is in line with HUSD’s goal to provide users with greater accessibility and interoperability. As the stablecoin market grows at a rapid speed, the HUSD Team is glad to be joined by projects like VirgoX to build the entrance to the blockchain world.”

“HUSD has been one of the highest quality fiat-backed stablecoins since its existence.” Adam Cai, CEO of VirgoX stated, “VirgoX is pleased to extend the partnership to Stable Universal and help HUSD expand its stablecoin ecosystem. More product offerings around HUSD will be coming, including trading, lending&borrowing, DeFi applications, Payments and etc. We look forward to working with HUSD team in the long term. ”

VirgoX has listed a series of well-designed stablecoins to enhance its positioning, the World Stablecoin Trading Center. With its complete ecosystem ranging from spot & contract trading, stablecoins empowered FX contract, global payments & remittance, crypto traders can experience a full-functioning stablecoin-foucused trading platform. VirgoX will launch stablecoin lending&borrowing model at the end of 2020 to meet the present needs of users and anticipate future demands.

About VirgoX:

VirgoX is a revolutionary one-stop stablecoin focused digital asset trading platform inspired by global adoptions of stablecoins and growing demands for integrated exchange services. VirgoX offers spot & contracts trading, crypto lending and multiple currency fiat onramp and offramp, all integrated into one place that truly meets users’ needs and beyond.

About HUSD:

HUSD is issued by Stable Universal and pegged 1:1 to the U.S. Dollar. Each HUSD issued is backed by a corresponding U.S. dollar held in a U.S. trust company. An independent U.S audit firm conducts monthly attestations of the HUSD Token, and the attestation report is available for public viewing on Stable Universal is dedicated to making HUSD stable, secure, and safe for our customers.




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